The Ronda International Guitar Festival is an annual festival dedicated to music and the Spanish Guitar. The Spanish guitar is a beautiful instrument born and developed in Spain. It is a world ambassador of Spanish music. We are delighted to celebrate in Ronda, the treasure and legacy that is the Spanish guitar; a great promoter of Spanish culture!


The fifth edition of the Ronda International Guitar Festival will take place from  the 8th until the 13th of June 2020. The festival strives to highlight the versatility and diversity of styles that the guitar embraces, appealing and attractive to the musical tastes of a wide audience.


All the festival’s activities will be held at the Congress and Exhibition Centre “Santo Domingo” in the heart of the historical old-town of Ronda, Málaga, Spain. Ronda is a unique city, romantic and fascinating. A place in which nature and culture unite to exhibit the best of both worlds. Ronda and the guitar are a delightful combination!

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