Ronda is a great location to immerse in Spanish culture and music! The beautiful city is known for its’ unique location, age-old history and small streets with a cosy and typical Andalusian atmosphere.


The town is built across the gorge of the Guadalevín River. The gorge, referred to as “El Tajo de Ronda” is 40 meters wide and up to 120 metres deep at some points. The Tajo divides the city of Ronda in two parts and it has 3 bridges that span it. The biggest and most famous one being the New Bridge, “El Puente Nuevo”, built at the end of the 18th century.

Ronda is a nice and friendly place with a rich culture and stunning nature. You can enjoy valley walkways, outdoor sports, historic sites, museums and numerous bars and restaurants. Ronda is also a lesser known region for quality wines. Like Ronda itself, the wines are monumental, patient and tranquil. Ronda wine is fast becoming recognized both nationally and internationally. 


One of the most remarkable cities in Spain with almost guaranteed sunshine and good weather, there’s something for everyone in Ronda!



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