The guitars from the Guitar Makers Exhibition will be featured and demonstrated in matinée concerts.

Thursday 7 June - 13:00 - Free Entry
Paco Seco


Paco Seco is an internationally acclaimed musician, guitarist & composer. Versatile and creative, he possesses a unique technique: A fusion between the clear, crisp notes of the classical guitar and the instinctive passion and agility of the flamenco guitar.

Friday 8 June - 13:00 - Free Entry
Diego Campagna


World-renowned classical guitarist Diego Campagna is known as a charismatic performer famed for his poetic and virtuosic repertoire.  He is the dedicatee of many compositions by important contemporary composers in the world.


Saturday 9 June - 13:00 - Free Entry
Ruiz del Puerto


José Luis Ruiz del Puerto is very prominent within the contemporary Spanish guitar scene and has created numerous new works for the guitar: He has premiered more than forty works of Spanish music and five concerts for guitar and orchestra.

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