The Ronda International Guitar Festival takes place in the Congress and Exhibition Centre “Santo Domingo” in the heart of the historical old-town of Ronda.

“Santo Domingo” is situated right next to Ronda’s most famous structure, “El Puente Nuevo” (the New Bridge), built at the end of the 18th century. The bridge stands 98 meters tall and spans Ronda’s gorge, referred to as “El Tajo de Ronda”.

Left of the entrance to “Santo Domingo” is the famous viewing point, “Mirador de Aldehuela”, offering spectacular views over the Tajo, opening out to vistas of mountains with farmland in the foreground.

The Convent of Santo Domingo is built on Arabic foundations and has been rebuilt over the centuries in Mudejar (post-Reconquest Arabic), Gothic and Renaissance styles. It dates back to the beginning of the sixteenth century, when the Dominican Order began its construction.

Dedicated to San Pedro Martyr (Saint Peter the Martyr), it’s one of the two convents ordered to be built by the Catholic Monarchs after the Reconquest of Spain. The Convent had various parts, the main one being the Chapel, located in the southeast of the building, which has been preserved until today.


The Chapel is rectangular with three naves, of which the central one is the widest and highest. Its ceiling is of a Mudejar framework, with jointed rafters. The naves are separated by gothic arches with circular moldings, held by rectangular pillars.

The historic Chapel offers fantastic acoustics and is therefore the perfect location to host the concerts of the Ronda International Guitar Festival. The Chapel is accessed from the characteristic and spacious interior courtyard, which is surrounded by arches made out of regional Ronda sandstone.

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