JUAN GRECOS - RC Strings Manager

Juan Grecos began to study the guitar at fifteen.  Among his maestros was the renowned guitarist, Niño Ricardo.  Juan has accompanied many celebrated dancers such as Antonio y Rosario "La Quica", María Rosa, and María Magdalena.  He has also accompanied flamenco singers, Jacinto Almadén, Canalejas de Jerez, Chano Lobato, El Chaleco, Naranjito de Triana, and Ramón "El Portugués".
Juan has travelled throughout Europe, North Africa and America with various productions and companies.  He performed as a soloist in the production "Duende" with the Lindsay Kemp Company composing the guitar arrangements for the Federico García Lorca songs.
His excellent book “The Flamenco Guitar” became one of the first pioneer method books on the flamenco guitar.  It is internationally recognized throughout universities, conservatories and music schools, the book received the "IV Century Quixote Medal", by the House of Castilla la Mancha in Madrid in 2006.

He is frequently invited to give lectures in conservatories and to participate in guitar events and international festivals. He writes for magazines and is president of several guitar business organisations, as well as the owner of RC Strings.

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