YARDEM TRIO sephardic music SPAIN

YARDEM recreates songs from the Sephardic tradition and Meditarenean chants. Sephardic songs, a meeting point between the Castilian romance, Jewish tradition and Andalusian musicality. Different songs, songs of the Mediterranean, Arab songs, songs of women, songs… from the heart. They offer a tailored performance, rich in nuances, strolling through tunes that were born on the Iberian Peninsula and lullabies that are still sang by its grandmothers.


YARDEM has rumbled on since 2006 and is formed by Francisca López (vocals, percussion) Paco Seco (guitar, percussion & musical direction) and David Ruíz (percussion). They have recorded two CDs: «Cantos del Mediterráneo» (Songs of the Mediterranean) and «Octubre» (October). They have played at important festivals and event halls throughout Spain. YARDEM captivate audiences of all ages, thanks to the accessiblity of their music and the freshness of their offer during concerts.

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