RUIZ DEL PUERTO - classical guitar, Spain

RUIZ DEL PUERTO is very prominent within the contemporary Spanish guitar scene. His contribution to the dissemination of new Spanish contemporary music has attained him international recognition.  The magazine Classical Guitar wrote of him: “He is a true Spanish cultural ambassador”. Heavily influenced by the composer Llacer Pla, has led to the creation of numerous works for the guitar.  He has premiered more than forty works of Spanish music and five concerts for guitar and orchestra.  Some of the most distinguished, present-day composers have dedicated their scores to him.  He has toured through Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, England, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Romania, Turkey, Russia and Morocco, performing in concert halls and festivals. Ruiz del Puerto plays an Alhambra guitar the “José Miguel Moreno” and he strings his guitar with Sonata from RC Strings.

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