ANDREA VETTORETTI is a polished musician who expresses himself with a language both cultured and emotional, he connects classical music with other genres, refashioned into a new form.  He obtained his music diploma from the “G. Rossini” Conservatory of Fermo followed by the prestigious “Ecole Normale de Music” in Paris under the guidance of Alberto Ponce and gained the “Diplome Supérieur de Execution” and the “Diplome Supérieur de Concertiste”. He has won 13 international music competitions. Vettoretti has recorded 10 CDs, his new single ‘Through the Looking Glass’ is the precursor to the album ‘Wonderland’ which came out in 2017.  The album, with original interpretation is inspired by the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland.  His music was used by the film director Davide Del Degan for the Cannes Festival in 2016.  He is the Art Director of the International Guitar Festival “Delle Due Città” in Treviso, Rome. He is plays Savarez Alliance Cantiga strings on a Matthias Dammann Guitar and an Enzo Guido Guitar.

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