PEȽECH & HORNA DUO - guitar duo, Poland

These two guitarists are often recognised as Poland’s best guitar players.  They will present their latest album “Sambalanço”, it pulsates with Latin American rhythms, charms with its original arrangements, and amazes listeners with the beauty of its melodies. You’ll hear samba, bossa nova and tango spiced together with a touch of light jazz and winding improvisations.

KRZYSZTOF PEŁECH is a member of the worldwide elite circle of classical guitarists. He is one of the most active musicians of his generation.  Krzysztof performs extensively both as chamber musician and soloist with chamber and symphony orchestras. He has toured extensively through Germany, US, Brazil, Mexico, Republic of South Africa, Egypt, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.  He won the rank of the best Polish classical guitarist three times in a ‘Top Guitar’ survey run by Gitara i Bas monthly.  Krzysztof Pełech is the co-founder of the Wrocław Guitar Society and the artistic director of Guitar Masters Festival / Gitara+. He is also one of the creators of the International Guitar Summer Course in Krzyżowa.

ROBERT HORNA is an outstanding soloist and chamber musician. His musical temperament dominates even symphonic orchestras, which he has many times performed with. Orchestras are his passion, which is why for the past few years he has been conducting a guitar orchestra in Krzyżowa.  His passion is the classical guitar, which he studied at the Music Academy in Wrocław and at the Music Conservatoire in Enschede in Holland.  Robert also studied jazz with Artur Lesicki and successfully combines pop, ethnic and jazz music, playing in the band Fuera Quartett.  His musical repertoire offers an interesting combination of early music, classical music, jazz and improvisation. His is particularly regarded for his transcriptions and interpretations of the works of Astor Piazzolla.

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