ANTONIA JIMENEZ - flamenco guitar - SPAIN

Antonia Jimenez performed in Andalusian flamenco clubs from a very young age.  A flamenco guitarist and composer she has accompanied singers such as the great Carmen Linares, Montse Cortés and Juan Pinilla and dancers Olga Pericet, Belen Maya, Manuel Liñán and Rocío Molina whilst travelling the world.

Antonia wrote for Marco Flores’s show “De Flamencas”, created her own production “Dos Tocaoras” and won the award for Best Original Score at the Flamenco Choreography Competition in Madrid in 2016.

Her work resonates with a distinctly feminine emotion and reflects her search for a pure flamenco language.  As a solo guitarist she has taken her music and played at the Jerez Festival, Flamenco Festival - Esch, Suma Flamenca, Flamenco Festival - Zurich, Flamenco box - Comme un Festival.


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