ALBERTO TORRES - flamenco guitar, Spain

ALBERTO TORRES from Málaga, began to study the guitar at the age of nine with guitar masters, Niño de Pura, Manolo Franco and Antonio Soto.  He participates in countless flamenco performances accompanying vocalists such as Antonio de Canillas, Ríos Cabrillana, Antonia Contreras and David Pino and also plays alongside the dancer Nieves Rosales. Alberto has collaborated with the Biennial of Flamenco Art in Malaga and the Chair of Flamencology in Córdoba.  He produced his first album “El Canario más sonorosa” in 2018 and has composed music for the shows, “Luna de cal y de adelfa” in 2016 and “Federico entre los dientes” in Murcia, 2017.  He currently works as professor of flamenco guitar at the Málaga Conservatory of Professional Music, Manuel Carra and lectures in schools alongside his concert performances.

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