Marco Battaglia was born in Milan, Italy, where he followed classical studies. Afterwards, he dedicated himself to the guitar at the Civic School of Music. In 1995 he graduated from the Conservatorium of Music. He then continued by specializing himself in the interpretation of music of the 19th century, paying close attention to performance practice by using period instruments.


With an extensive career as a soloist performer, he has given concerts in more than 26 nations throughout the five continents (New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Belgrade, Rome, Milan, Moskow, Jakarta, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Wellington, etc.) at universities, festivals and cultural institutes.


He has been broadcasted by radios and televisions around the globe (RAI - Italy, RTS Serbia, Kultura TV- Russia, TVB – Hong Kong, ABC, SBS – Australia, Radio New Zealand, etc.).


Marco Battaglia is artistic director of the "800 Musica Festival" and the "Milano Classical Guitar Festival". CDs that are published by Marco Battaglia include "A guitar from the 19th century".

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