The Spanish guitar is a unique instrument, born and developed in Spain.  The Spanish guitar is a world ambassador of Spanish music and culture. 

Ronda is a beautiful town, it is romantic and fascinating.  A place in which nature and culture unite to exhibit the best of both worlds.

Ronda and the Spanish guitar make a perfect partnership, showcasing Andalucian culture and therefore Spain.  Home to the famous, Vicente Espinal, inventor of the fifth string of the Spanish guitar.  Ronda is the perfect place to host a guitar festival. The International Guitar Festival of Ronda!



RONDA GUITAR FESTIVAL aims to put Ronda on the map as a meeting point to enjoy Andalucian culture, Spanish music and in particular the Spanish guitar.  Ronda Guitar Festival will be celebrated over five days and plans to attract and encourage visitors to stay and participate in the various activities that will be hosted.  Attracting not only guitar lovers but professionals in the guitar world. 

Ronda Guitar Festival will host a range of interesting activities in which to participate.  Fine Guitar makers will exhibit their hand-made guitars and be on hand to answer any queries.  Internationally renowned guitarists will perform concerts in unforgettable venues, followed by the opportunity to attend a masterclass.  There will be conferences and wine-tasting events to compliment the festival.

The team at Ronda Guitar Festival will be working very hard to publicise and promote the festival and its’ sponsors to a national & international market with special attention for visitors on the Costa del Sol. 


PACO SECO artist director

Paco Seco is an internationally acclaimed musician, guitarist & composer.  He has toured extensively, participating in numerous international festivals enthusing audiences with his music. 

He is a great ambassador of Spanish music and culture. 

As a musician and composer, Paco has presented various projects throughout Europe;  Meeting Sarajevo, Biennale di Roma, Proyecto Lunar Sevilla, Omis Guitar Festival in Croatia and Mercat de Musica Viva in Catalunya. He has vast experience organising tours, concert cycles and multi-artistic events working as a musical director.  Paco is currently working hard at Ronda Guitar House preparing tours for Spain, Poland, Albania & England.


GUITARONDA cultural association

GUITARONDA  is a cultural association created in Ronda 2015, with the aim of spreading Spanish music and in particular the Spanish guitar in Ronda and throughout Spain. 

It organises guitar and music training through the medium of classes, workshops, courses and seminars.  With the aim of providing to both residents and visitors of Ronda a professional and exceptionally high quality teaching of music and guitar.


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